Hydrant Gallery

Trusted to protect our treasures.

For over 75 years, Mueller® brand fire hydrants have been trusted for their reliability and performance. Today the Mueller brand is the most widely sold of any other and accounts for almost half of all fire hydrants sold in North America. It’s no wonder Mueller hydrants can be seen protecting so many locations of importance to us, from our individual homes and businesses, to many historic buildings and national treasures.

This gallery spotlights photographs submitted to us showing Mueller hydrants at locations all over North America. The oldest hydrant in a submitted photograph was made in 1956.

MUELLER brand – for long term reliability and value!

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Images in this gallery have been submitted by individuals from outside Mueller Co. and have been selected by Mueller Co. to be included in this gallery. As part of the selection process, the submitter has been awarded a gift certificate of value in exchange for permission to post the image in this gallery, as well as relinquishing ownership of the image to Mueller Co. including the Company’s right to display the image in this gallery and use it for other promotional purposes.

Mueller Co. assumes no responsibility for the content of an image, the accuracy of the claimed date associated with the pictured hydrant, or the actual existence of the depiction. Mueller Co. also respects the copyright ownership of images, and will remove from this gallery any image for which another party can substantiate copyright ownership.

Please submit comments or request information to submit an image for consideration to be added to this gallery at moreinfo@muellercompany.com.