Going GREEN so you can too!

Products, process, promotions and people - all "Going Green." Virtually every product we make already contains over 90% recycled material, whether it’s made of iron or brass. We can provide low lead brass for any of our catalog items for which that material is required. With millions of dollars in plant upgrades and make-overs over the past decade, we are now a leader in the use of the Lost Foam process for producing iron products. This innovative and highly precise molding process dramatically cuts the generation of pollutants and material waste in both our iron foundry and product manufacturing activities. Our manufacturing employees benefit, too, by having to perform far fewer machining operations, which increases safety and reduces exposure to particles in the air. Even promotional materials are printed on paper that contains up to 40% post consumer materials, and our steadily increasing reliance on web delivery of information cuts our use of paper and print related supplies even more. We have implemented a culture of conservation and recycling such that our people are encouraged to find new and expanded ways to reduce energy consumption and use of disposables. The extent of our commitment to going green is evident in our capability to provide LEED certification for the broad array of materials we sell.

Brochure: Going Green So You Can Too

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