New Catalog “How To…”

To find a product -

Open the catalog and scan down the product images and/or the section titles to find the section that contains the type of product that interests you…

Or enter a catalog or part number in the search box at the top of any catalog page. The term you enter should be as close to standard Mueller terminology as possible, but many other often used names have been loaded into the catalog. It is not necessary to enter hyphens or to observe capital/ lower case rules. You will find a list of “Mueller Terminology” in the introductory section of the web catalog…

Or check one of the indexes in sections 17 or 18.

Notice that the first parts of the catalog (sections 1 through 18) contain our standard selection of Mueller® AWWA Water Distribution Products. This is followed by Mueller® branded products for fire protection applications (UL/FM). Next is a special section containing products of specific interest to our Canadian visitors (in addition to the products in sections 1 through 18) – note that a few products in this section are not available for sale in the U.S. Next are listed links to our divisions were other related products and services may be accessed – please contact the appropriate division directly to purchase or inquire about its products or services.

To print a catalog page -

When you click the link to view a page of the web catalog, that page will open in a new browser window and it will open in Adobe Reader (if you use Internet Express) – you must have the Reader installed on your computer or have a compatible browser – it is available as a free download off the internet. (The catalog will also function on other browsers, but the actions may differ from how it works in IE.)

To print a copy of the catalog page you must use the print button in the toolbar of Adobe Reader – do not use the IE toolbar buttons or menus.

Other manipulations of a catalog page -

The Adobe Reader toolbar will contain buttons to allow you to manipulate the catalog page, such as print, save, zoom, cut and paste, annotate, capture all or part of the page, send in an e-mail, search, etc. – if the buttons you want are not visible, right click the Adobe Reader toolbar and selection the bottom menu item “More tools…” Note that the “search” function within Adobe Reader is another, exceptionally strong method for finding information on a catalog page.

To find supporting documents for a specific product -

Once you have found the page of the catalog that contains a product of interest, it’s easy to find all the supporting documents available for that product by referring to the links at the top of the browser window and along the left margin (above and to the left of the Adobe Reader window where the catalog page image appears). Things such as sales brochures, manuals, installation tags, videos, and engineering spec drawings are linked from these locations. It’s no longer necessary to go to a different part of the web site to find supporting documents. (All supporting documents will still be found in the Download area of the web site, however. In addition, the Download area does contain some documents that are not associated directly with the catalog, such as special products that are not catalogued and manuals of information relevant to hydrants and butterfly valves.)

To maximize a catalog page view in the browser window -

There are so many different sizes of computer monitor screens and types of browsers being used that it is not possible to create a “standard” web page that will display its contents to every user’s liking and preference. However, there are some things you can do to maximize how much of a web page you can see on your particular monitor screen without scrolling or panning.
• Customize your browser’s top toolbars to remove unused buttons and icons, thus opening up more viewable space in the window. Right click in the toolbar to see your options – this may make the toolbar take less vertical space.
• Get rid of extra, unused search toolbars that take up vertical space – it’s not unusual for Google to show up in two places, or both Google and Bing might be shown.
• Hide seldom used buttons or toolbars – point to an area on the toolbar and right click to see your options.
• Hide the tray at the bottom of the monitor window by clicking its top edge and moving it down (restore by doing the reverse).
• Adjust the size of the browser window contents using the browser’s “view” menu, or…
• Adjust the size of the PDF image in the Adobe Reader window by using the plus, minus and zoom percentage tools at the top of the Reader window.

Need additional help or advice?

Send an e-mail to “Webmaster” at describing what you need and your contact information if you would like to receive a direct telephone call, otherwise we will respond in a reply message. We welcome your feedback regarding the web catalog or the web site.

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