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A new look and updated navigation features should make your visit to our site more productive. Yet all the information you’re used to finding on our site is still here, including virtually all the product information that we publish in printed form. You’ll notice that links to the information most often accessed by visitors are now more prominently displayed, while less important things, such as company background, history and such are tucked along the edges. It’s all still there, just organized so that you don’t have to skim through so many choices to find the more important information our site contains.

If you are a visitor from a water utility, or a contractor doing utility work, you’ll find special entry points at which we’ve gathered links to the types of information most useful to your jobs. Authorized Mueller Distributors also have their own entry point which, once logged in using their current site credentials, allows access to everything on the site including material pertinent to conducting their business with us. However, any of you – Utility, Contractor, or Distributor – can access the site in the usual way without using the special entry point if you wish. We hope you try the special entry for your group and do find it helpful. Please let us know at if there’s an additional link to information you think should be included in your entry point.

If you are away from your office computer and need to access our site on a smart phone or tablet – great news, the site is compatible with mobile devices. You will be able to see virtually all of the site, but in a mobile optimized format. No squinting and much less scrolling!

If you do not read English, yet are able to read this news item, then obviously you’ve already found “Google Translate” at the bottom of the screen. We hope this helps make your browsing more informative and certainly easier. We do, however, apologize if some of the jargon used by our industry doesn’t translate accurately. In such cases, or if you have questions about material on the site that does not translate, please contact someone in our international sale division for assistance – you’ll find we have representatives around the world. Find one in the Sales Search area.

Speaking of “search.” We’ve powered up our search function at the top of each page so that you can search our product catalog, or the pages of the web site right from there – it’s your choice. Catalog searches can accept any catalog or part number, with or without the hyphen and with upper or lower case letters, if they are in the number. In fact, any word or term used in the catalog, plus the more common jargon terms that we don’t officially use for our products can be searched. The catalog search only looks in the catalog, although since we now link all our printed literature and most of our manuals and instructions, even videos to the pertinent product catalog page, search results will lead you to just about everything applicable to your search term that’s on our site. On the other hand, you can search just the pages of the site, in which case the search results will lead you to the pages where the term appears, and to much of our printed material that applies. We recommend you start with the catalog search as it includes the broadest range of information in the search results.

Visitors who don’t already know Mueller Co. might find it convenient to scan down the home page to the list of our primary product offerings. Each item is linked directly into our product catalog, providing a bit of a short cut to help you get to the information you need more quickly. Of course, our catalog contains a vastly greater array of items that we can describe in this relatively short listing, so be sure to do a catalog search for your item if you don’t see it there.

Adding to the vast array of products we offer are the additional products and services provided by our subsidiary companies. No other family of companies in North America duplicates all that we can do for you! You’ll find them at mid-page, each represented by its logotype. Click one and you’ll be directed to that subsidiary’s own web site, which will open in a new window – it’s always easy to return to the Mueller site. (A special note to our Canadian visitors and distributors: we are actively expanding our site to encompass products specific to your markets and for most purposes, clicking the Mueller Canada Logotype will eventually lead you back to this site. What once was exclusively the Mueller/US site is rapidly becoming one for all of North America.)

We encourage you to explore the new site. If you need help finding something, especially if you knew where it was on the old site, but are not sure where to look now, please send an e-mail to with the subject “Web Site Help” and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can – include a phone number if you’d prefer to talk to someone directly.

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