Super Centurion® receives NSF 61

Our Super Centurion hydrants have achieved NSF Certification, an important part of our work to provide the highest quality water distribution products which meet all applicable industry standards and performance requirements. For more than 15 years fire hydrants have been excluded from the scope of NSF/ANSI 61, but that exclusion was recently removed by the NSF International Joint Committee on Drinking Water Additives-System Component and the NSF Council of Public Health Consultants. Although such certification of hydrants is voluntary, it is our goal to provide end users with products that meet or exceed the industry norm, and deliver long term value and reliability.

Hydrants certified to NSF/ANSI 61 are evaluated based on the wetted components of the hydrants while the main valves are in the closed position, and not in fire-related use or maintenance. The normalization factors and assumptions are the same as those that exist in the standard for water main valves.

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