Multi-Parameter Monitoring Introduced for Water Distribution Systems

An extension of the company’s Hydro-Guard® S.M.A.R.T. System, Mueller Co.’s new multi-parameter monitoring system is the latest offering in the Intelligent Water Technology portfolio of products and services. The device can continuously monitor pressure, chlorine residual, temperature, pH, and turbidity using third-party sensors from installation points located throughout the water distribution system.

Data is logged and transmitted to the utility via cellular service to secure cloud-based servers and presented to the user with a GIS mapping interface. As water quality thresholds are reached, flushing is initiated and SMS-text and email messages are triggered, thus facilitating quick decision-making and event mitigation responses.

For the utility, rapid response to water quality issues improves customer satisfaction, reduces customer complaints, mitigates risks and reduces operational costs.

Multi-Parameter Monitoring System Flyer

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