Installing Hydro-Guard® Automatic Flushing Saves Rural Texas Town $8,000 a Year

According to Working Supervisor Steve Harding, “Mueller builds an excellent product. With all that’s on our plate, we have used the HG-1 to knock water quality off our daily check list so we can focus on finding and fixing leaks. Before installing the Hydro-Guard units, Buna had water losses of 30%; we are now at 3-8%. Since the Hydro-Guard units allow us to precisely control the amount of flushed water, we dramatically reduced our chlorine usage. Instead of using 3 chlorine cylinders every month at $400 per cylinder, we now use 3 every 7-8 months. This means we are saving around $8,000 a year using two Hydro-Guard HG-1 units.”

Case Study - Installing Hydro-Guard Saves Rural Texas Town $8,000 a Year

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