EchoShore®-DXe Sensor

EchoShore®-DXe Sensor

The EchoShore-DX system incorporates the latest generation of acoustic sensors, that are the result of Echologics® pioneering success with correlating leaks on a variety of pipe materials and large diameter mains. While the EchoShore-DX sensors are built into an above ground fire hydrant cap, the new EchoShore-DXe sensors connect to any underground access point, such as wash outs or valves.

EchoShore-DXe uses advanced algorithms and AI technology to identify and pinpoint the source of acoustical noises generated by leaks with great accuracy, before they become detectable by conventional methods. This early awareness enables utilities to prioritise repairs based on leak severity, minimising operational impact and ensuring the most effective allocation of resources.


  • Identify leaks early
  • Monitor leak progression
  • Minimise field activities to detect and pinpoint leaks
  • Prioritise field crew schedules
  • Significantly reduce pipe repair costs
  • Achieve non-revenue water loss targets


  • Versatile design paired with rugged hardware
  • 10-year battery life
  • Dedicated support and analysis team
  • AI analytics
  • Secure, user-friendly interface

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