UL/FM Gate Valves

Mueller® resilient wedge gate valves have features to make them easier to operate, preserve sealing capability, and interior coating integrity for many years of reliable service. Numerous designs and end connections are available that meet stringent UL/FM requirements, some with maximum working pressures of 350psi. In addition to popular end connection options, these valves can be ordered with Mueller’s exclusive AquaGrip® system that incorporates an O-ring sealed compression connection and integral pipe restraint in one “ready to use” easy and quick to install package.

Full Line Catalog


Post Indicator Valve 14" - 24" Mechanical Joint x Mechanical Joint Ends


Post Indicator Valve 4" -12" Mechanical Joint x Mechanical Joint Ends


Post Indicator Valve 14"-24" Flange x Mechanical Joint Ends


Post Indicator Valve 4"-12" Flange x Mechanical Joint Ends

public://uploads/media/Post Indicator Valve_14-24in_Flanged Ends.jpg

Post Indicator Valve 14"-24" Flanged Ends

public://uploads/media/Post Indicator Valve_4-12in_Flanged Ends.jpg

Post Indicator Valve 4" - 12" Flanged Ends


OS&Y Valve 18" - 24" Flanged Ends


OS&Y Resilient Wedge Gate Valve with Flanged Ends 14-16"


OS&Y Valve 4" - 12" Flanged Ends


OS&Y Valve 2"- 3" Flanged Ends