Fast taps, pressure tight connections and easy trouble-free operation provide an operating efficiency so necessary to meet today's demands.  The new B-100 Drilling, Tapping, and Inserting machine gives these results IMMEDIATELY and CONSISTENTLY.

The machine incorporates the same basic double pressure chamber, single boring bar design principle which, through 90 years of field experience, research and testing, has proved to be the most efficient in operation.  Its design permits the operator to handle the machine in lightweight sections.  The tapping and inserting operations are performed separately.  Tool or stop may be safely removed from the machine at any time during the operation for inspection or replacement, if necessary.

The "B-100" is all new from the saddle up, and has plus features we know you have wanted.  Look over these features... see how they all combine to contribute to faster taps, pressure tight connections and easy, trouble-free operations.

  • Anti-Friction Thrust Collar - sandwich type nylon-"teflon"-nylon bearing sealed in steel case; no lubrication; won't gall under power operations.
  • Feed Nut and Yoke - spring detents hold feed yoke securely in place around boring bar; acme threads; square shank on feed yoke fits power operator for automatic feed.
  • Easy Operating Ratchet Handle - fully enclosed; lubricated; quick-reverse button; lightweight.
  • "O" rings Eliminate Packing Adjustments - provide oil reservoir for lubricating boring bar and "O" rings. Boring bar wiper protects bottom "O" ring.
  • Feed Sleeve and Cap - quick removal; acme threads, only 2 1/2 turns to remove; long bearings give maximum boring bar rigidity; positive metal-to-metal contact with cylinder; "O" ring seal.
  • Chrome Plated Boring Bar - won't corrode - assures long life of "O" ring seals.
  • Offset Body Design - reduces collection of chips around flop valve when using machine in horizontal or inclined positons; increased diameter gives adequate clearance for inserting a greater variety of 1" stops.
  • Trouble-Free Flop Valve - pressure-seating, self-aligning, self-centering; molded neoprene gate washer; lever handle has positive lock - open or closed - with position indicator plate; "O" ring on flop valve stem eliminates packing adjustment

Reversible Power Operator with Automatic Feed

Drill and tap a 3/4" hole in three minutes, using the electric or air power operations, which are specifically designed for use with the B-100 Machine.  No adapters or conversion parts are required.  Either type of power operator attaches directly to top of boring bar and feed yoke.  After hole has been drilled, loosen wing nut to release the automatic feed driver, then continue to make tap under power.  Afer completing tap, flip the switch on the power operator to reverse direction of the motor and withdraw the tool under power.  While drilling, boring bar feed is even and completely automatic - tool is not over-crowded; does not over-heat; gives longer effective tool life.

Assured Rigidity

On the Main - Pressure tight connections start with complete machine rigidity on the main.  Aluminum alloy chain yoke has high strength - lightweight.  Chain hook washers are widely spread and deeply recessed in yoke to prevent slipping off on large diameter pipe.  Chain hook cannot rotate - chain shank on chain hook for it Square shank on chain hook fits inside square hole in chain washer.  Square shank on chain washer prevents turning in yoke. Acme threads on chain hooks give long life.  Chain hooks, Chain hook washersers and chain hook nuts are cadmium plated to resist corrosion.

In the Boring Bar - Perfect alignment of the boring bar is assured by three boring bar bearings; two, widely spaced in the feed sleeve, and the third at the extreme bottom end of the boring bar.  The lower bearing is of molded nylon and closely bears against a machined surface in the body when the drill first contacts the main and also when the stop is being inserted.  Curvature of the stop is being inserted. Curvature of the pipe cannot deflect the drill - tools are relieved of unnecessary stresses and give longer effective life.  These three widely spaced boring bar bearings assure perfect centering of tool and stop for accurate threading and a pressure-tight connection.

New Tool Retainer with Independent Drive

Drive pins in shank of new combined drill and tap or E-Z Release Screw Plug slip into notches in the boring bar socket.  All driving force is exerted aginst these drive pins, preventing damage to the structure of the pool shank.  Tool retaining screw in replaceable bronze sleeve bears against the upper part of the circular groove aound tool shank - holds tool tight in boring bar socket.  This new holding and driving arrangement assures perfect tool-boring bar alignment and maximum rigidity, for long tool life.

No problem to remove tools in the "B-100".  Just loosen the tool retaining screw, tap the knockout pin and the tool holder and the tool slifes out of your hands.


For tapping water mains and inserting Corporation Stops 1/2" to 1" inclusive under pressure

Capacity and Use:

The B-100 Machine is designed for hand or power operation.  It will perform the following operations in mains under pressure.

ItemSizesOperationMethod of Operation
Corporation Stop1/2"5/8"3/4"1"Drill and tap main
Insert Corporation Stop
Extract Corporation Stop
Hand or power
Pipe Plug1/2"5/8"3/4"1"Drill and tap main
Insert Corporation Stop
Extract Corporation Stop
Hand or power
Pip Plug1 1/4"1 1/2"2"2 1/2"Drill and tap main
Insert Corporation Stop
Extract Corporation Stop
* When drilling or tapping above 1" use the MUELLER extension handle, see page 1-9. To insert corporation stops larger than 1" use the A-2 Machine. Tools and saddles are offered for use withcast iron, cement-lined cast iron, asbestos-cement and steel pipe in sizes from 2" to 48" inclusive.

Maximum Working Pressure:

  • 90 p.s.i. without power clevis
  • 250 p.s.i. with power clevis

Maximum Temerature Rating

  • 250℉

Equipment Furnished with Each Machine:

  • Ratchet Handle
  • Small  Saddle Gasket
  • Large Saddle Gasket
  • Round Link Chan
  • Chain Hooks and Nuts
  • Chain Washers
    • Wrench for E-Z Release Screw Plugin
  • Wrench for Chain
    • Hook Nuts and Tool
    • Retaining Screw
  • Body cleaning Chisel
  • Lubricating Oil
  • Cutting Grease
  • Metal Case
  • Ditch Cloth

Equipment to be Selected:

  • Combined Drills and Taps
  • Saddles
  • Screw Plugs
  • Extracting Tools
  • Power Operator
  • Equipment for Special Uses
Recommended Minimum Size of Cast Iron Main for Each Size of Tapping for Service Connections**
Size of Tapping1/2"5/8"3/4"1"1 1/4"1 1/2"2"2 1/2"
Smallest Size of Main3"3"3"4"6"6"8"10"
Approximate Number of Full Threads54 3/44 1/24 1/24 1/4444
** Corporation Stops with compression joint inlet connections may be used with smaller sizes of pipe.

Select the proper combined drill and tap according to:

  1. size and type of inlet thread of the Corporation Stop to be inserted.
  2. Material from which the pip to be tapped is maide.
  3. size and class of pipe to be tapped.
Type of Inlet Thread on Corporation Stop or PlugMaterial of Pipe to be tappedSize & Class of Pipe to be tappedDrill LengthSize of Inlet Thread on Corporation Stop of Size of Thread on Plug
SizeClass1/2"5/8"3/4"1"1 1/4"
(marked CC)
Cast Iron4" - 30"
4" - 20"
Cast Iron2" - 3"
2" - 3"
Cast Iron36" - 48"
24" - 42"
Asbestos-Cement4" - 16"100-150†Regular580178580179580180580181 
Cement-Lined4" - 48"250 *†
Asbestos-Cement2" - 3"100-150†Short580185580186580187580188 
Cement-Lined2" - 3"250 *†
Steel4" - 24"Sched. 40Regular580189580190580191580192 
Steel2" - 3"Sched. 40Short58019658197580198580199 
(marked I.P.)
Cast Iron4" - 30"
4" - 20"
Regular580218 580219580220580221
Cast Iron2" - 3"
2" - 3"
Short580226 580227580228 
Cast Iron36" - 48"
24" - 30"
Long580229 580230580231 
Asbestos-Cement4" - 16"100-150†Regular580242 580243580244 
Cement-Lined4" - 48"250†
Steel4" - 24"Sched. 40Regular580235 580236580237 
Steel2" - 3"Sched. 40Short  580249580250 
(marked HALL)
Cast iron4" - 30"
4" - 20"
Regular  580413580414 
Asbestos-Cement4" - 16"100 - 150+Regular  580415580416 
Cement-Lined4" - 48"250*

Combined Drills and Taps with other special threads available upon order.

Combined Shell Cutters and Taps for Cast iron Pipe
Size 4" - 48", Class 250* and Size 4" - 36", Class D**
Mueller Thread
(marked CC)
Iron Pipe Thread
(marked I.P.)
Size of Inlet thread on Plug1 1/2"2"1 1/4"1 1/2"2"2 1/2"
Shell and Tap Complete580517580518580444580445580446580447
Combined Shank and Tap580516580519580440580441580442580443
Shell Cutter Only5017015362737353373543735540907
Pilot Drill Only50164150164250464150164150164237356
Retaining Screw378023351037802378023351033509
Drift Pin632646326463264632646326463264
*Centrifugally Cast and Pit Cast Iron Pipe, Classes 50 through 250, Meeting the Following Specifications:
ASA A21.2 1953
ASA A21.6 1953
ASA A21.8 1953
AWWA C102-53
AWWA C106-53
AWWA C108-53
Federal Specification WW-P-421
And Pit Cast iron Pipe, Classes A and B
**Maximum size of Pit Cast Iron Pip, Classes C and D
†These tools, Marked CEM-RES, have been developed for asbestos-cement pip meeting specifications AWWA C400-53T and ASTM C296-55; and for cement-lined ip meeting specification AWWA C104-53 and ASA A21.4-53.

Select proper saddle according to size and type of pipe to be tapped.

SaddleRange O. D. of PipeType of Pipe
Cast Iron PipeSteel PipeAsbestos-Cement Pipe
Class 100Class 150
Part No.Min.Max.SizeSizeSizeSize
758082 1/4"2 11/16" 2"  
758092 5/8"3 1/8" 2 1/2"2" 
758322 11/16"3"2"   
758103 1/2"4"3"3"2 1/2"2" - 2 1/2"
758303 3/4"4 1/8"    
758114"4 5/16" 3 1/2"3"3"
758124 3/8"5"4"4"  
400704 15/16"5 3/8"    
758135"5 7/16"  4"4"
758145 7/16"6 1/8" 5"  
758335 12/16"6 3/8"    
758156 7/16"7 1/8"6"6"  
400726 11/16"7 1/2"    
758167 1/8"8 1/4"  6"6"
758178"9 1/2"8"8"  
400738 1/2"9 3/8"    
758188 3/4"10 3/4"  8"8"
758199 1/2"12 1/4" 10"  
4007410"11 5/8"10" 10" 
7582010 5/8"13 1/8" 12 10"
7582111"14 1/2"12"14"  
7583412 1/2"14 1/4"  12" 
7583514"17 3/8"14"16"14"12"
7583616"19 3/8"16"18"16"14"
7583717"21 1/8"18"20" 16"
7520419"27 1/8"20" - 24"24"  
7583821"29 1/8"    
7583926"41"30" - 36"30"  

Saddles are suitable for pipe meeting the following specifications:

  • Centrifugally Cast Pip, Classes 50 - 250
    • ASA A21.6 - 1953
    • ASA A21.8 - 1953
    • AWWA C106 - 1953
    • AWWA C108 - 1953
    • Federal Specifications WW-P-421
  • Pit Cast Pipe, Clases 50 - 250
    • ASA A21.2 - 1953
    • AWWA C102 - 1953
  • Asbestos-Cement Pip, Classes 100 and 150
    • ASTM C296 - 1955
    • AWWA C400 - 1953 T
  • Steel Pipe, Schedule 40
    • B36.10 - 1950

For Saddles to fit pipe not listed in these charts, use the O. D. of pipe as a guide to select the proper Saddle.

When using the B-100 or "B" Machine on pipe 3" and smaller, special short pattern tools and a chain spreader are required.

Screw Plugs for Corporation Stops

Type of Screw PlugsSize of Screw Plugs
1/2"5/8"3/4"1"1 1/4"
E-Z Release Screw Plug - with inside thread for corporation stops with MUELLER copper service pipe connection580283 580285580286580287
E-Z Release Screw Plug - with inside thread for corporation stops with MIELLER outlet thread580296580297580298580299 
E-Z Release Screw Plug - with inside I.P. thread580275 580276580277580278
Screw Plug - with outside I.P. thread580340 580341580342 
E-Z Release Screw Plug - with outside MUELLER screw plug thread. For corporation stops with MUELLER screw plug thread. 580532580527580528 
Screw Plug - with outside MUELLER screw plug thread.  for corporation stops with MUELLER screw plug thread.580322580333580334580335 
E-Z Release Screw Plug - with inside thread for corporation stops with I.P. threaded copper service pipe connection  580291580292 

Extracting Tools for Corporations Stops

Type of Extracting ToolsSize of Extracting Tools
1/2"5/8"3/4"1"1 1/4"
E-Z Release Screw Plug - with inside thread for corporation stops with MUELLER copper service pipe connection580312 580313580314580315
E-Z Release Screw Plug - with inside thread for corporation stops with MIELLER outlet thread580301580302580303580304 
E-Z Release Screw Plug - with inside I.P. thread580305 580306580307580308
E-Z Release Screw Plug - with outside MUELLER screw plug thread. For corporation stops with MUELLER screw plug thread.  580324580325 
E-Z Release Screw Plug - with inside thread for corporation stops with I.P. threaded copper service pipe connection  580319580320 

Inserting Tools and Extracting Tols for H-10034, H-10037 Plugs

Type of Inserting Tools and Extract ToolsSize of inserting Tools and Extracting Tools (same size as size of plug)
1/2"5/8"3/4"1"1 1/4"1 1/2"2"2 1/2"
Inserting Tool - with outside thread for H-10034 brass plug580367580368580368580368580369580369580369 
Inserting Tool - with outside thread for H-10037 brass plug580367 580368580368580368580369580369580369
Extracting Tool - with outside thread for H-10034 brass blug580371580372580372580372580373580373580373 
Extracting Tool - with outside thread for H-10037 brass plug580371 580372580372580372580373580373