Portable Automatic Flushing System

The Hydro-Guard® HG-6 takes automatic and programmable flushing capabilities anywhere in the water distribution system where a fire hydrant is available. The HG-6 is portable and adjustable. Its lightweight design gives it portability. The device's integrated height adjustment allows it to match up to most hydrant heights on any brand of hydrant. And its flushing capabilities are identical to that offered by semi-permanent/permanent Hydro-Guard products. 


  • HG-6 with Built-in (NODE) programming: multi-event integrated programmer (powered by one 9-volt Alkaline battery with the option to add a second battery for longer battery life)
  • HG-6 with Removable (T-2/TBOS-II handheld) programming: programming managed by removable multi-event - handheld programmer purchased separately, but usable on multiple Hydro-Guard units - (powered by 9-volt Lithium battery)
  • 20psi to 150psi recommended operating pressure
  • Easy access to mounted programmer (or port for handheld)
  • Adjustable mounting connection to accommodate varied hydrant heights with swivel adapter
  • Durable, powder-coated heavy-gauge aluminum construction
  • Self-supporting, free-standing design (device does not hang on hydrant
  • 2" glass reinforced adjustable Nylon control valve
  • Sampling Valve (operational with unit on or off)
  • Splash plate for erosion control - reduces potential for ground erosion from under hydrant
  • 2.5 inch NTP hydrant swivel adapter
  • 8-tablet dechlorination dispenser
  • Security Kit (1 set included with purchase)
  • Air Gap to prevent backflow of water into water main
  • Certified to NSF/ANSI 372