Lineseal XPII® (Class 250B)

Lineseal XPII® (Class 250B)

3" - 48” Butterfly Valves


  • 250psig (1723kPa) maximum working pressure
  • Meets or exceeds all applicable requirements of ANSI/AWWA C504 Standard Class 250B; NSF 61 certified
  • Body - Ductile Iron ASTM A-536 (65-45-12)
  • Buried service valves: I.D. and O.D. coated
  • Above ground valves (ordered with either a hand wheel, position indicator on the actuator, or lever); minimum 8 mills epoxy coated interior and exterior.
  • Seat-in-body design reduces seat failure due to corrosive buildup in the valve and pipeline (24"-48")
  • Disc edge is 316 Stainless Steel
  • Disc - Ductile Iron ASTM A-536 (65-45-12) (3", 4", 6" Stainless Steel ASTM A351 CF8M)
  • Through-disc pinning provides a tight disc-to-shaft pin connection, greatly reducing the possibility of loosening through vibration
  • Symmetrical disc for higher Cv and lower head loss (3"-20")
  • Nonmetallic bearings prevent galvanic corrosion and provides lower coefficient of friction
  • Chevron "V" type packing is self-adjusting to last the life of the valve


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