The dependable Hydro-Guard HG-1 Flushing System was first introduced to the Water industry in 1998.  This automatic and programmable flushing solution is ideal for areas in the distribution network where it is difficult to maintain water quality, disinfectant residual, and where customer complaints are numerous.

The Hydro-Guard HG-1 is available with either a Built-In programming solution or the revolutionary BlueTooth controller.  With the BlueTooth controller, operators can manage the flush schedule of the device without having to remove the protective housing of the device or leave their vehicles during times of inclement weather.

The Hydro-Guard HG-1 includes 2-inch piping; a 2-inch adjustable control valve; programmer; diffusing vents, designed to dissipate energy, while enhancing the system’s stability—the venting, along with the unit’s splash plate, helps to minimize erosion from the flushed water being discharged; an OEM-installed dechlorination system that is designed specifically for the device and built to meet local, state and federal standards for the dechlorination of the discharged water; and a water quality sampling system, which is designed to allow for the capture of water quality samples from the device, even when the device is not flushing.