Mueller Water Products continues to evolve the business with the ambition of being one of the leading global water infrastructure companies meeting intelligence and infrastructure.

The objective is grounded in solid strategic initiatives centralized in development of new products, operational excellence, strong go-to-market strategy and efficient cost & cash flow management. Our suppliers are expected to embrace this journey supporting Mueller to with conditions to enable Mueller’s goals while supporting supply chain agility, resiliency, reliability, competitiveness and innovation.

The documentation and information herein outlines the some directions for a successful business relationship. Your willingness to fully comply to the content herein and agreed terms is critical for engaging with Mueller business sustainability. The content herein may be used to assess, review, select and retain supplier while building a strong supply chain aligned to Mueller’s goals.

Mueller Standard Practices and Documents:

Supplier Code of Conduct

Purchase Order Standard Terms & Conditions

Conflict Minerals Disclosure

Supplier Registration Form

Mueller's Invoicing Guidelines

Mueller Water Products Annual Supplier Diversity Reporting 2021

Mueller Vendor Add/ Change Form

W-9 Tax Payer Identification form

W-8BEN-E Form

Vendor Authorization Agreement for Direct Deposit