Step 1: Submit Government Funding Certificates Request Form

  • Complete the Government Funding Certificates Request Form
  • Be sure to include the order number associated with the request on the form
  • Letters that are requested during the bid or quotations phase will be provisional letters only
  • Attach bid specifications identifying/describing the applicable certificate type (i.e., AIS, Buy America, Buy American, ARRA, Domestic Content, PA ST-3, etc.)
  • The completed form should be emailed to
  • The subject line of the email should reference the project name and include the words “Certificate Request” or “Cert Request” for short

Step 2: Review & Compliance

The Trade Compliance department will review and verify product compliance with the applicable certificate requirements. If the products comply, Mueller Co. will prepare and issue the appropriate certification letter via email. There is a standard three (3) business day turnaround time on all certificate requests (not including the day of the request) to allow time for analysis of products and project specifications, but most certificates will be returned by the end of business on the next business day.