Hydro-Guard® Industrial Flushing System



The Hydro-Guard Flushing System is are designed for easy installation on existing safety showers, eye wash stations, and drinking fountains. They offer an economical way to automate flushing to maintain purity of the water supplied to these locations, which is so critical for the health and safety of workers.

Traditional manual flushing of water to meet ANSI and OSHA Standards for such locations can result in significant lost time and productivity because it often takes staff away from primary work responsibilities. In addition, workplace accidents requiring access

to an eye wash station or safety shower to remove caustic chemicals or debris from the injured rely upon a reliable supply of pure water to enhance the first responder’s efforts to stabilize the injury.

Hydro-Guard Systems assist in managing these processes by using a fully programmable controller. Water at these critical locations can be flushed multiple times daily, automatically and reliably. Staff time is saved, and the purity of water supplied for workers’ welfare and safety is assured.

A variety of models are available, including outdoor units with self-activated thermal control valves for freeze and scald protection.