Modulating Float Valve M106-F-TYPE 4

Modulating Float Valve M106-F-TYPE 4

The Model M106-F- Type 4 modulating float valves are based on the M106-PG main valve. They are ideal for balancing the inflow and outflow demand into the storage tank and maintaining level at the designated maximum. The valve closes drip-tight at the maximum level and modulates to maintain the tank level. The float pilot is remotely installed at the high level in the storage tank. Pilot connections to the main valve are connected in the field. As the tank level drops the main valve is opened proportionally to increase the filling rate. Movement of the main stem alters the size of the closing restriction, interrupting the tendency of the valve to hunt.


  • Maintains relatively constant level
  • Automatic compensation for level draw-down
  • Standard integral damping reduces hunting
  • Drip-tight at high level shut-off
  • Low supply pressure options

Standard materials for pilot system components:

  • ASTM B62 bronze or ASTM B16 brass
  • Stainless steel

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