Integral Storz Connection

Integral Storz Connection

Now any Mueller® Centurion® Hydrant (traditional or Modern style), can be ordered with an integral Storz connection on the pumper nozzle. The nozzle can also be ordered separately to retrofit hydrants in the field. The Storz connection allows the fire department to connect its pumper hose to the hydrant with a quick, quarter-turn action. The action is fast and smooth so firefighters can get to their tasks quickly without the thread alignment, cross threading, or leakage problems sometimes associated with threaded connections. The Storz option is available for 4" or 5" pumper nozzles on any Super Centurion hydrants. Mueller hydrants retain their UL Approval, FM Listing, AWWA Compliance and at 250 psi when ordered with the Storz option. Hydrants are also compliant with NFPA 1963.

Storz Adaptors

Mueller Co. also offers a 5" Storz adaptor for connection to 4-1/2" NST nozzles. Mueller Storz adaptors feature the same caps used on the integral Storz nozzle and meet the requirements of NFPA 1963. Mueller Storz adaptors are rated for 250 psi operating pressure.



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