1200 Series

1200 Series

The Hydro-Guard® 1200 Series System Management and Remote Telemetry (S.M.A.R.T.) Flushing System monitors water quality conditions anywhere in the distribution system, but it is ideal for the most remote or troublesome points in the distribution network. Its advanced technology allows it to monitor conditions, and react to them, when necessary, to mitigate a condition that is outside of the utility’s acceptable range for chlorine (total, free or combined), temperature, pH, turbidity, flow, or pressure.

The 1200 Series S.M.A.R.T. system captures water quality condition data and transmits it back to operators and managers in near-time so that water quality and distribution network maintenance decisions can be made more effectively and efficiently. Data transfers, often by way of cellular networks, can be monitored and managed in the Hydro-Guard User Interface or in SCADA.


  • Near-time water quality data management log
  • Weather-proof, climate controlled, and lockable protective enclosure, mounting system and weather-proof fittings; multiple access doors for ease of use and maintenance
  • Internal piping assembly is comprised of no lead brass piping and a piloted 2” Singer Control Valve with speed control and flow adjustments1
  • Monitoring - Simultaneous monitoring of multiple water quality conditions
  • Mitigation - User-defined setting for flushing parameters to mitigate water quality issues
  • Data Logging - Data logged incrementally for analysis and trend mapping
  • Cellular remote upgrade packages optional
  • 120-volt AC power and alternative power compatible
  • SCADA Compatible (ModBus-TCP)


  • In the event that flow monitoring is required, a cast valve with an integrated digital flow meter will be utilized.


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