50 Series

50 Series

The Hydro-Guard® 50 Series Automatic Flushing System provides economical and programmable automatic flushing capabilities with a 2-inch adjustable control valve and piping assembly, making this device an excellent match for many rural and small main line size applications. With the available Bluetooth controller, authorized operators can schedule up to 24 different flush events into the controller through a free K-Rain KRBL V2 app than can be added to most iOS or Android phones. Flush durations can range from one (1) minute to six (6) hours per programmed flush event. Where the use of a mobile app or Bluetooth is not permitted, the 50 Series can be equipped with a built-in NODE programmer. The NODE programmer allows for scheduling of flush events multiple times per day, multiple times per week.  

Mounted fully above ground, with no below grade base, the Hydro-Guard 50 Series is suited for use in very warm climates.  


  • Schedule 80 PVC piping 
  • OEM-installed Dichlorination System to dechlorinate all discharged water before it travels to navigable waters
  • Diffusing vents dissipate energy while enhancing the system’s stability
  • Splash plate minimizes erosion from the flushed water being discharged
  • Access control valve, sampling system and load Dechlorination tablets from ground level


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