600 Series

600 Series

The Hydro-Guard® 600 Series Automatic Hydrant Flushing System takes automatic and programmable flushing capabilities anywhere in the water distribution system where a fire hydrant is available. The 600 Series system is portable, supports its own weight, and offers height adjustment so it can be connected to the hose nozzle of any brand of fire hydrant and is the perfect solution for temporary or emergency flushing needs.

The 600 Series system has an optional integrated multi-event programmer or a Bluetooth multi-event programmer that can be used to program several Hydro-Guard flushing units to flush water lines several times a day, seven days per week. Flushing durations can range from one (1) minute to six (6) hours per flushing event. 

It features energy dissipating vents that direct discharged water equally in two directions, enhancing stability, as well as an OEM-installed Dechlorination System. The unit’s venting and splash plate help minimize the potential for ground erosion from discharged water from around the bottom of the 600 Series unit and hydrant.


  • Durable, heavy-gauge stainless steel construction
    • 2-inch glass reinforced Nylon composite valve with flow adjustment, full port, and single piece EPDM diaphragm
  • Sampling Valve (operational with unit on or off)
  • 2.5" NTP hydrant swivel adapter
  • Security kit
  • Air Gap to prevent backflow prevention
  • Unit weight – 60 lbs.



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