PermaSeal Insertion Valve

PermaSeal Insertion Valve

Introducing the newest member of the Mueller 2300 series gate valve family – The PermaSeal™ Insertion Valve. 

The PermaSeal Insertion Valve is designed to match characteristics of best-in-class gate valve offering for the water supply service and is a True Resilient Wedge Gate Valve that embraces all design requirements of the AWWA industry standard. The PermaSeal Insertion Valve is offered in 4˝, 6˝, 8˝, 10˝ and 12˝ standard and oversized variants to be inserted into an existing water main with minimal service disruption and most dependable functional service life.

Features Included:

  • A-2361-16 mechanical joint (with accessories unassembled)
    • “Clean Seat” technology enables reliable and repeatable watertight shutoff - suitable for an exercise program
    • Gate seats on the precision cast surface of valve body and not on host pipe
    • No recess/pocket in bottom of seat area to trap sediment or debris
  • Designed to ANSI/AWWA C-515 Standard
    • Compliant with all pertinent structural, functional, operating, and dimensionally important installation criteria
    • 100% factory tested and verified
    • Standard Mueller wedge, stem, and stuffing box valve operating assembly components
    • Standard Mueller 10-year warranty
  • Compliance and Compatibility
    • *350/250 psig maximum working pressure
    • AWWA C550 10 mil (nominal) fusion bonded epoxy coating
    • ANSI/NSF 61 & 372 Certified for Drinking Water System Components
    • Compatible with most major types of pipe



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