PermaSeal Insertion Valve

PermaSeal Insertion Valve

The PermaSeal™ Insertion Valve is the first inserting valve solution that is a true Resilient Wedge Gate Valve capable of delivering reliability, longevity, functionality, and repeatable water shut-off throughout the valve’s lifetime. The innovative design allows for insertion into existing water mains with minimal service disruption and dependable functional service life, making it an ideal solution for any water network.

  • Permanent, exercisable gate valve that functions and performs the same as a conventional Resilient Wedge Gate Valve with “Clean Seat” technology
  • 350/ 250* psi rating and available in 4˝, 6˝, 8˝, 10˝, and 12˝ standard (DI, CI, PVC pipe) and oversized (A-C pipe) variants
  • Compliant with all AWWA C-515 and C-223 standards including pertinent structural, functional, operating, and dimensionally important installation criteria
  • Reduce the need for a shutdown, disruption to flow, or water contamination concerns resulting in time, cost, maintenance, and customer downtime savings
  • Minimize environmental disruption through less excavation and reduced use of pipe and secondary materials

*250psi for H819 on AC pipe


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