Adjusta-Coil Meter Box

Adjusta-Coil Meter Box

The Mueller® Adjusta-Coil Meter Box provides a means to allow a meter to be read and maintained even though it is set deep in the ground to resist freezing. The Adjusta-Coil Meter Box is our proven Thermal-Coil® design – with a "new twist." The box can be adjusted to compensate for grade changes without adding separate extensions. Simply set this box in place and twist the top section, set the new grade level, then twist again to permanently and securely set the meter box height. 


  • Rigid 0.300-inch minimum wall PVC material holds shape and resists frost bridging
  • Optional insulation pad traps earth’s heat to prevent freezing in extremely cold climates
  • White interior aids visibility
  • Meter set is anchored to moveable platform to maintain alignment and stability
  • New and improved platform
  • Poly coil tubing provides low friction loss equivalent to a typical conventional meter set of the same size and depth
  • Male I.P. thread inlet and outlet connections accept a variety of MUELLER Service Fittings
  • Optional aluminum bottom available
  • Large selection of optional lids
  • Multiple depth ranges
  • Stainless steel adjustment hardware
  • Shipped assembled and tested




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